USCO is selling all of our curriculum! 

June 9th from 9:30-11:00 a.m. in Butler 

Attend this event to buy used curriculum from USCO as well as swap your own with other families!

USCO Curriculum Sale 

Since there will no longer be rentals through USCO, we are selling everything in our curriculum closet.  This includes currently used secondary curriculum and some old curriculum no longer used by USCO. Pay with either a card or cash. 

(Some old Elementary Curriculum, but not much)

Family Curriculum Swap

Buy used curriculum from other families at USCO. Everyone will set their own prices and manage the sale/swap of their curriculum in any way they choose.  All curriculum is welcome, so make sure it’s exactly what you need before you buy. Also, in case they are only accepting cash, you may want to bring some along. 

How to Sell Your Curriculum

Bring your own curriculum to sell and swap with other families. All curriculum is welcome, even if it isn’t currently used by USCO. Arrive at 9:00 am to set up your curriculum on one of our open tables. USCO will not take any responsibility to sell your curriculum. You will take payment in anyway you specify and set your own prices. You must also stay with your curriculum to sell it (You can peruse the other items while you are there, but any curriculum left without an owner at the end of the sale will be donated).  If you are selling curriculum, you may also buy from USCO from 9:00am-9:30 before the rest of the sale begins. 

To ensure we have enough space, email Kacie Busby if you are planning to bring curriculum. In your email, please specify how much space you may need: Just a few books, 1/2 table, a whole table.