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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the term "Hybrid-Model" mean?

A hybrid-model school seeks to blend both on-campus instruction and home instruction to best prepare students for independence and college.

At The University School, all classroom supervision and instruction is under the direction of a master teacher. This teacher completes all lesson plans, testing, campus instruction and grades. The master teacher knows the students and parents and supports the role of parents in their child’s educational process.

What is the vision of The University School?

The vision of The University School is to develop students who live in obedience and service to the Lord, are valuable contributors to the formation of a Godly culture, and model strong family and educational values. By instilling these concepts through our five values—Worship, Academics, Missions, Leadership, Adventure—our hope is to send students out from The University School prepared for their future. If students graduate from our school with high academics, but lose their faith the first year in college or their job, we have failed.

Who provides professional oversight for the school?

Professional oversight for the school comes from several sources: Oversight come from both Christian Schools International (CSI), and AdvancEd, through whom we are accredited; The University School school board; and our Administrators.

Is The University School an accredited school?

The University School has gone through a rigorous certification progress and is currently accredited through Christian Schools International (CSI), with dual accreditation through AdvancEd.

What grade levels are offered by The University School?

We offer full-day programs for K4 through 12th grade. K4 meets on campus 3 days a week, with no at-home work on Monday and Friday.