Making disciples of Jesus is the overflow of the delight in being disciples of Jesus.

David Platt


Support Staff

Amy Bell

Assistant to Head Administrator

Contact For Help With:

  • Appointments with Head Administrator
  • School Calendar
  • Substitute Teachers
  • Teacher Support

Chanelle Bole

Student Ministry Director

Contact For Help With:

  • Student Ministry
  • Chapel
  • Madbro
  • Retreats

Liza Baker

Elementary Coordinator

Contact For Help With Elementary:

  • Teacher Support
  • Reading Assessments
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • Curriculum
  • Supplies
  • Events/Chapels
  • Attendance
  • Communications

(719) 822-4836

Shayla Hintz

Academic Support Coordinator
Contact For Help With:

  • Transfer Credits
  • Online Courses
  • Class Add/Drop windows
  • Renweb/Gmail Support
  • Parent Teacher Fellowship
  • Volunteer Opportunities

Whitney Kennedy


Contact For Help With:

  • Transcript Requests
  • Past Report Cards
  • Records Request

Kris Hubbard

Human Resources Coordinator

Contact For Help With:

  • Volunteer Applications
  • Employment Application
  • Employee Concerns

Matt Elliott

Student Ministry Worship Leader / Pastoral Care / Theater Music Director

Contact For Help With:

  • Madbro/ Chapel / Retreat worship
  • Pastoral care for students and families
  • Student ministry
  • Theater department music

Board of Directors

Nathan Salsbery, Board President

Josh Bennett

David Glenn

Dean Merrill

Tre Pinyerd

Lauren Yanez

Dana Yeakley

It's time to make an impact. Let's ignite a passion for Jesus.