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Who We Are


The heartbeat of USCO is to reveal Jesus Christ as the purpose and joy of all life. When our motivation for life becomes joy in Christ, everything changes, including our outlook on work and education.


USCO opened its doors in 2006 with a unique hybrid academic model of schooling that understands the importance of partnering with parents in the academic and spiritual development of students. At USCO, we join with parents in not only educating, but also guiding students in the development of their character, values, and spiritual walk.

Our Mission

The mission of USCO is to partner with parents to ignite a lifelong passion for Jesus in students through experiences in worship, academics, missions, leadership, and adventure.

Our Impact

Jesus speaks of bearing fruit that abides in John 15:16. We long for the impact of USCO to go beyond one person’s life being changed, as miraculous as that is. We pray and look to Christ for the impact of our school to ignite a lifelong passion for Jesus that continues igniting a passion for Jesus. Our desire is for our students to go to college, the workforce, and the nations with a contagious zeal for Christ. 

Our hope is to send students out from USCO who KNOW Jesus loves them and in return, are in love with Him, are obedient to Him, and prepared for their future. We aim for students to have their faith in Jesus be an integral pillar throughout every part of their lives, as they enter college or their chosen vocations and beyond, allowing them to joyfully live with and for Him through this, they will be a natural light, ministering His love to the people in their spheres of influence.

We prayerfully set out to transform hearts by renewing minds.

- Romans 12:2

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Academic Programs

We offer programs from K4 to 12th grade.



Starting the academic journey with hands-on learning, scholastic fundamentals, and faith.




Engaging students’ minds and hearts to love Christ, one another, and learning.


Middle School


Exploring God’s Word and world in preparation for high school.


High School


Preparing students to be a light and leaders in college and the workforce.


Philosophy of Education

We aim to teach the whole person – body, soul, and mind – to develop critical thinkers, instill lifelong learning, and engage work as worship.


USCO is accredited by Christian Schools International and Cognia.

Spiritual Life

In Class

We have a heart to reach students with the love of the gospel and draw connections between every subject and the greater story of Christ. Teachers present the character and work of God that is evidenced in every academic arena and creation in all its beauty and failures as a pointer to God and His Gospel. 

Beyond Class 

To make Christ the center, we engage students with God’s word every chance we can get. On a large scale, chapels and retreats are offered with corporate worship and teaching. On a smaller scale,  we also utilize the classroom and every subject in addition to small grade-based small groups. We believe all of creation was made to draw us to worship the creator. 

Uniquely Set Apart

By actively engaging students in discipleship, chapel, retreats, group games, and small groups, our school quickly becomes a place students want to be. Beyond simply striving to impart information to students’ minds, we long for transformation in the heart. This is why we foster community and employ prayer fervently knowing that seeds are being planted for God’s glory. 

Intentional Opportunities
To Ignite
A Passion For Jesus


It goes without saying, here at USCO, we like to be active.  We intentionally utilize fun activities like adventure, sports, and theater productions to create community and disciple students. 


Storytelling is an invaluable skill, and theater invites students of all levels into the production. The Theater department produces one show each semester and most recently performed Wizard of Oz, Sister Act, Aladdin, and Beauty & The Beast.


Students grapple with a fresh revelation of God while exploring the visual aids He has made: canyons, mountains, and beyond. Our adventure program is a huge way we are unlike ordinary schools. 

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