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High School

9th – 12th Grade


USCO’s High School program offers a unique hybrid [link to philosophy of education]  academic model that equips students with not only academic knowledge but also the skills needed to be successful in college or any post-secondary path they choose. 

By providing challenging classes, combined with interactive opportunities in leadership, high school students are provided a unique education that both engages and equips them for life. This is all centered on the transformative work of Christ in their lives, and we seek to provide opportunities for students to build, explore, and develop their own personal faith in a culture of grace and truth.  

“USCO gave me a passion for Jesus and prepared me to excel in college and be a light to the darkness”

–Jonathan Puckett (Class of 2009)

Average Week

Our academic week is set up to provide intentional time for family and adventure 


  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday

We offer a full course of study including literature/English, foreign language, social studies, science, fine arts, computer science, Biblical studies, math, adventure, and a host of electives. Each week begins with Chapel and every other weekend with grade-based Bible study

At Home

  • Monday
  • Friday

Students are responsible for completing teacher-provided lessons and homework. The parents’ role at the secondary level transitions from being a guide for dependent study at the middle school level to a course monitor at the high school level. Students register for individual classes and may take as few or as many as they desire. 

Family + Fun

Friday – Monday

Our schedule gives four flexible days to families to prioritize family time and church participation.  We also use this time to go on adventure trips and retreats a few times a year.

Honors, Online, Dual Credit

In addition to the standard secondary coursework, USCO offers a variety of programs for students including dual credit and online learning opportunities through our online partner schools. USCO also offers Honors courses and the Foundations program, an option for modifications for students needing a differentiated approach to the standard curriculum and coursework.

It's time to make an impact. Let's ignite a passion for Jesus.